Casket Robbery – Evolution of Evil (Mortal Music)

Genre: Death Metal

After a couple of spins, Evolution of Evil sounds like just another slab of nondescript, brutal US death metal. Nice and heavy? Yep. Slick and well produced? Certainly. But like Jungle Rot, Casket Robbery seem to lack the magic touch that would elevate their music to the level of Cannibal Corpse et al. And in songs such as Blood Bathory, their aimless bludgeoning and unimaginative, lacklustre riffing doesn’t do the Wisconsin mob any favours.

Yet there’s hope for Casket Robbery. Give their debut some more time and you’ll uncover a band with more depth, more creative vision than you first might think. Take The Curse of the Night Stalker, for instance, where Cory Scheider’s guitar gifts the song a far darker texture than elsewhere on this record, or the excellent, creep-fest of Pray for Death, where Scheider’ unleashes some spiky leadwork, nicely complementing the track’s horror-flick vibe.

However, to drag themselves out of the underground, the quartet need more of those moments, and less of the knuckle-dragging stomp of say, Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre. Maybe second time around…

RUSHONROCK RATED: 5.5/10 Devolution