What is already shaping up to be a rather good year for rock suddenly got much better with the news that the original Of Mice And Men line-up is heading back to British shores!

The band will support Asking Alexandria in April on a four-date tour and vocalist Austin Carlile is back up front.

“With having recently made amends with our original vocalist, Austin Carlile, and not after discussing all of our previous disputes and issues we’ve had with each other (like any other relationship, its not always a friendly exchange of happy words) we’ve collectively decided to return to, or as close to, our original line-up as we could,” explained the band.

“To be put simply, both OM&M and Austin want to make another album together because we want give our fans the familiar sound they loved about our first album and build upon that for our follow-up.

“We were willing to put our differences aside and re-establish our friendship and love for making music together. We also want to give you all the chance to hear our first album the way it was intended to be heard since due to prior circumstances…well, that’s all in the past now!

“We greatly appreciate all of our fans sticking with us in 2010 and supporting the band with Jerry. We are also very grateful that he stepped up to the plate for us and helped us get through the relentless touring schedule we had.

“With that being said, we are all extremely excited to be reunited and are going to make another album we are proud of, just like the first and we hope you are too! There’s no behind the scenes anything, no huge fall out or disrespect towards anyone, contrary to what you may think or have read/heard. We just want to make the best album we possibly can and we are confident that together, with the reformed lineup, we will be able to make something amazing.

“We have also added a new member, Alan Ashby, who will be playing guitar. Assuming the position of bass will be Shayley which, as many of you saw on a couple Warped Tour dates, was an easy transition for him. He will, of course, still be singing. Tino is on drums, Phil is on guitar and Austin is screaming. A freshly reformed OM&M for 2011. We are really excited for you to see what we are doing, how we do it, and what to expect!”


APRIL 2011

19 – Glasgow Garage

20 – Manchester Academy 2

21 – Birmingham HMV Institute

22 – London Electric Ballroom