Amaryllis – Nova Initium (Revoltage Music)

Genre: Pop Rock

London base Amaryllis are back with their third release and first full blooded debut LP Nova Initium.

For a band growing in popularity on the semi-underground scene, something like this is a big moment and not one to be played down. As you’d expect, Nova Initium takes the work from their excellent EP Revolt and packages the emotions and themes from that into a longer form.

After a sold out launch show and 10,000 downloads, the pressure was on Amaryllis to crank up the volume and create something just as good. The band spent more time writing and creating Nova Initium than they did on their other releases, and it shows.

Fans shouldn’t be alarmed though – the change isn’t dramatic and nor is it especially noticeable in all the songs. However, there certainly are moments of maturity from the band and examples of a more developed sound.

For example, while the guitar riffs are as big as ever – and in some parts down right rock ‘n roll, the lyrics are more stripped back, especially on Drown, which creates and ever changing contrast.

Nova Initium is an album full of big sounds, big licks and big choruses. It’s everything that’s good about pop rock, but it still feels like a stepping stone in the career of Amaryllis – who are clearly not finished experimenting and changing.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 A Step In The Right Direction