Silver Snakes – Saboteur (Pelagic Records)

Genre: Alternative Metal/Post Hardcore

Passionate, feisty post hardcore, mixed with The Ocean Collective’s gargantuan sonic tumult… sounds good doesn’t it? And it’s a blend that makes Silver Snakes’ third opus something to savour.

The Californians have hit on something here: any notions that they are just another alternative rock band dabbling with some heavier ingredients is blown out of the water by the near epic Devotion, a seven-minute plus rough ride which after a relatively mellow start, plunges deep into Cult of Luna territory, pulling titanic riffs from the abyss and then gently building back to its stunning conclusion.

Other highlights include the menacing, militaristic stomp of Charmer, and the punchy, urgent Electricity, and throughout, vocalist Alex Estrada delivers an emotionally charged performance which marks him out as a real talent. Raindance, in particular, is a fine showcase for the singer – one of the snappier songs on the record, it’s slightly out of kilter with the rest of the album, yet makes a huge impression.

A brave, multi-textured, highly evolved body of work, from a quartet with plenty of bite, Saboteur is a triumph.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8.5/10 Scaling Up