Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Kingdom Of Rock (Frontiers)

Genre: Melodic Metal

Given the array of vocal talent writ large right across the aptly titled Kingdom Of Rock, it’s easy to ignore the voluminous talent of the record’s chief protagonist. This is, after all, Magnus Karlsson’s baby and the multi-skilled instrumentalist could have been forgiven for seeking to dominate.

In fact one of the staples of the Frontiers stable allows his stellar cast of singers to steal centre stage – at the same time taking subtle advantage of the myriad frontmen at his disposal.

No Control – showcasing former Deep Purple main man Joe Lynn Turner’s magnificent pipes – is a compelling case in point. Such is Karlsson’s ear for the perfect production and polished mix that both men emerge with equal credit on one of Kingdom Of Rock’s obvious highlights.

Rebecca De La Motte adds a haunting twist to The Right Moment and Jorn Lande – the Marmite of melodic metal – proves to be the perfect choice to kick things off on the rousing (if a touch clichéd) title track.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Magnus Coolsson