Chantelle McGregor –Lose Control (Tis Rock Music)

Genre: Blues Rock

An album conceived to reflect McGregor’s interest in Southern Gothic literature, Lose Control is a mostly misleading album title. Far from letting herself go, the bright hope of British blues rock has created a startlingly conventional record where raw passion cedes to stark professionalism.

In McGregor’s defence the critical acclaim that followed 2011 solo debut Like No Other undoubtedly prompted a desire to go one better second time around.

However, in striving to create a more rounded, commercial sound the singer songwriter has forgone many of the eclectic touches that made her first album such an unexpected treat.

Make no mistake, first-time McGregor converts will view Lose Control as a triumph. It is progressive in the sense that heavier bursts mix freely with reflective acoustic-led tracks and Southern Belle is the best song she’s written bar none.

But those familiar with the McGregor back catalogue are left wanting more. Perhaps album number three will fuse the best of Like No Other’s innocent appeal with the Lose Control’s bold ambition and slick production. That would be something truly special.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Control Freak