Gold – No Image (Ván Records)

Genre: Post Punk

The brainchild of Thomas Sciarone (formerly of The Devil’s Blood) Gold plunge headlong into the darkest pits of post punk and death rock, creating music which is wrapped in a cold embrace – the perfect soundtrack to an urban winter, you could say.

No Image descends into dull waters at times (such as on the ponderous Old Habits and Shapeless) – and it doesn’t exactly glitter throughout.

However, when Gold get it right, their work can be highly exciting; The Waves, for instance, is driven by an insistent, repetitive beat, complemented by razor sharp guitarwork, while Tar And Feather nods its head towards black metal and sees vocalist Milena Eva weaving her magic over its spiky melodies. These songs are real highlights – and the Dutch quintet also conjure something special on the fast-paced O.D.I.R., which boasts the album’s catchiest chorus by some distance.

So while No Image may be a mixed bag, it’s still one worth delving into – especially for the shinier nuggets.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 6.5/10 Black Gold