Devilskin – We Rise

Genre: Hard Rock

Devilskin are an interesting band, before you even get into the music. Formed in 2011, they have only released their debut, We Rise, now – and feature a father and son duo, where the drummer, Nic Martin, joined the band at 15-year-old.

With Jennie Skulander on the vocals, the band has a rock ‘n’ roll auro of Nightwish about them – Skulander’s vocals bring an incredible mix to the array. She has the classic powerful rock godness voice, but with the added bonus that Devilskin and Skulander aren’t afraid to explore the deeper, darker side of their music.

Elvis Presley Circle Pit bursts out of the blocks with heavy, powerful vocals and a grinding guitar rhythm that underpins the pace of the whole song. Until You Bleed is an obvious middle finger raised to bullies, which shows off a different side to the New Zealand natives – and a way to connect with a whole other host of fans.

On Fade, Skulander proves she can mix it with the best in terms of slowed down ballads. Her voice is really the driving force of the band as she propels it to different depths and tempos.

Cherophobia, which is a fear of happiness, rounds off the album in a typically roaring fashion with Skulander once again leading the line in fine voice. She isn’t everything, of course, as the whole album is tight, loud, raw and aggresive – but she just gives it that something extra.