Zebrahead/Man With A Mission – Out Of Control (Rude Records)

Genre: Rock/Punk

The last time Zebrahead worked on a collaboration, it was with Motorhead and it got nominated for a Grammy. Man With A Mission may be less well known on these shores than Lemmy and the gang, but that doesn’t mean the release will be any less explosive.

Hailing from Japan, Man With A Mission linked up with the veteran rockers after their Punk Rock Spring 2015 performances. It’s a partnership that has already seen Out Of Control rocket to the top of the Japanese iTunes Rock chart.

Its position at the summit is well deserved and the EP shows off the best sides of both bands to create five songs that are all different, interesting but that flow into one another seamlessly.

Database combines the best of Zebrahead’s sound with Man With A Mission’s use of electronic dance music within their songs while Out Of Control brings that classic sound that we’ve all become accustomed to over the years.

The veteran rockers from Orange County, California are still going strong and after the release of their greatest hits album, new material like this is a breath of fresh air for the band – especially as this collaboration brings something different to the genre and to the band.

Combining the best of Man On A Mission and Zebrahead could be the best thing both bands have done in years. Hopefully the influence from the Japanese rockers can rub off on their American counterparts for the next full length effort. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Successful Mission