goldfinger@Newcastle O2 Academy, May 21 2015

With more than 20 years in the game, American punk legends Goldfinger have hit the road again, with the rumour mill going into overdrive surrounding an upcoming new album, which would be their first since 2008. 

Taking fellow American punks Survey Says on the road with them, the LA boys invited locally based, Irish punk trio Good Friend to join them for the show and what a decision it turned out to be.
Having made waves with their recently released debut single Irish Goodbyes, Good Friend arrived as an unknown quantity.

Despite this, they took little time getting the crowd moving as they delivered a mix of angry punk tunes such as Madison and The Moonshiners, along with more light hearted, singalongs like Preaching To The Choir.

Following a short, but impressionable set from the Irish boys, Survey Says took to the stage and got people moving with their unique blend of punk and ska.

With the bouncy ska element in tracks such as I Aim To Misbehave and Gas Money Millionaires, they did what was asked of them and provided a warm audience for the eagerly anticipated Goldfinger, without ever threatening to steal the show.

As Goldfinger took to the stage with John Feldmann typically suited and booted, fans were given a real treat with the introduction of MxPx guitarist Mike Herrera on bass for the evening.

Opening with Spokesman, Feldmann and co. took no time in getting the audience going, displaying the subtle skills of an act with more than 20 years’ experience on the road.

Despite fast approaching 50, Feldmann’s vocals have remained as true as his bleach blond hair, as he raced through fan favourites such as My Everything, Here In Your Bedroom and Mable.
With the crowd lapping up every track, there was an air of expectation, as fans impatiently waited for their two biggest tracks, Superman and 99 Red Balloons, and Goldfinger delivered as expected, wrapping up the show with the two tracks they have built a career’s worth of music around.

Having surprisingly taking place in Academy 2, few will have been disappointed as the sound bounced off the walls in the intimate space, and the audience were treated to three highly professional and lively bands. With two younger acts supporting, there is no doubt they will have been taking notes from the senior punks, as Feldmann’s showmanship displayed the importance of honing your live act and nailing down a set list that really hits home.

Adam Keys