Stories Of Living – Save Your Breath (Rise Records)

Genre: Pop Punk

As pop-punk keeps rumbling on and maturing, new bands crop up to carry the torch of innovation left behind by All Time Low and You Me At Six.

Stories Of Living are one of those bands, and although their sound is slightly more accessible to the wider rock audience than their predecessors, the fire of the genre still burns deep within them.

Save Your Breath greets you with the typical bounce and energy you’d expect from a pop punk album.  While there is little that is surprising on this record, there is a hell of a lot to get you out of your seat.

Stories Of Living know what they are good at and they do it well. Enough Is Enough and Better Part Of Me are songs typical of the genre: they’re about girls, love and relationships. But the subject matter feels less repetitive because of the music it’s packaged in.

Every note is pin sharp, each break down perfectly executed and both add pace and bounce to an extremely energetic album. Fxck This Party is one of the picks of the album – its format is largely similar to the rest of the content on the record (slightly questionable autotune aside on the chorus) but it’s the infectious energy the song brings that makes you sit up and take notice.

Done well, pop punk brings a smile to your face and movement to your feet. It can be cliched and the songs can start to blend into each other after an extended listening session but that’s not really the point.

Stories Of Living do the genre, and themselves, proud with this rollicking, fun and fast-paced record. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Stories Of Success.