Chronocide – Meditations (Human Jigsaw Records)

Genre: Grindcore/Black Metal

A near-relentless barrage of blackened grind, Meditations doesn’t exactly live up to its name… unless your idea of clearing your headspace involves punching through a concrete wall.

Similar in spirit and musical roots to Anaal Nathrakh’s revered debut, The Codex Necro, Chronocide’s second album mines a rich seam of raw hate, and there’s no doubt that its creators’ crust-caked little ditties can do damage: Filling Empty Skulls With Shit boasts a searing necro riff that burrows into your brain; Perfect Slaves brings an atmosphere of creeping dread and An Objective Morality sounds like Darkthrone would do if they inhabited inner city Britain.

Sadly, the UK duo haven’t done themselves any favours where the album’s production in concerned. Nothing wrong with rough and ready, especially in this genre, but Meditations would have sounded so much more powerful if it wasn’t buried under a layer of grit.

There Is No Revolution is just one track that loses impact as a result of this approach – and there are plenty more examples. A missed opportunity, then, for Chronocide. Maybe next time…Richard Holmes