Buckcherry – Rock N Roll (F Bomb Records)

Genre: Rock

The alarm bells will be ringing inside the Buckcherry camp after this week’s news that Slash and Axl Rose are buddying up again. It’s the biggest threat this lot have faced in a decade.

For as long as the classic Guns N Roses line-up remains nothing more than a distant memory, these sleazy rock n roll heroes are the next best thing. And they’re only getting better.

Cornering the market in ballsy rock and roll, Josh Todd and his potty-mouthed mates bring retro attitude, singalong choruses and an on-stage energy few peers can hope to match.

Buckcherry aren’t the best band in the world. But put them in a sweaty club, surrounded by an army of screaming fans and they’re the embodiment of Rock N Roll. Hence, this album does exactly what it says on the tin.

Only Todd and co. could reasonably expect to get away with songs like Tight Pants and Sex Appeal and avoid unhealthy comparisons with The Darkness and Steel Panther.

But when it comes to rolling out toe curling cliches without a hint of irony few do it better than Buckcherry. And that’s no bad thing.

This is a band that’s all about fun. All about living life to the full. And all about staying true to the very foundations of rock and roll. This band is Buckcherry. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Cock Rock N Roll