Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising (Spinefarm)

Genre: Classic Rock/Alt Rock/Folk Rock

Details: Single disc heavyweight vinyl/Gatefold sleeve/Lyric pocket insert


Nominated for Album Of The Year in the 2015 Classic Rock Magazine awards, it’s high time we revisited this visceral slice of alternative rock – and this time on vinyl.

The Von Hertzen Brothers have suddenly burst on the UK scene after racking up a series of top five albums in their native Finland. If 2013’s Nine Lives caused a ripple then New Day Rising arrived on the back of wave after wave of positive reviews.

Perfectly fusing the Brothers’ folksy roots with an angular, modern approach to rock, the Von Hertzen siblings have crafted a career-defining masterpiece. Unsurprisingly New Day Rising’s rich musical landscape is beautifully reproduced on vinyl – the 5/5 split of tracks maintaining the band’s keen eye for tradition and dividing a record made to be enjoyed in one serene sitting.

Side one concludes with the beautiful Hold Me Up – had Coldplay and Elbow combined to create this masterpiece stadium bookers the world over would be falling over themselves to give this song the stage it deserves.

And yet VHB are at their most endearing on the folksy Dreams and it’s on side two, song two that this evocative three-piece reach the natural end of a meandering 15-year journey from obscurity to widespread acclaim. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Rising Stars