Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (Relapse)

Genre: Post Metal/Experimental

Locrian truly announced their arrival on the outer fringes of rock with 2013’s Relapse debut, Return to Annihilation, a stunning, otherworldly record that saw the band explore vast landscapes while retaining a certain harshness at their core.

Infinite Dissolution, though, sees the band meld their disparate influences together more seamlessly than ever before: ambient, drone, electronica, black metal, post rock… the Chicago-based outfit blend them into something magical, like modern day alchemists toiling over bubbling, swirling cauldrons of sound.

Based on the concept of extinction, the trio’s sixth full length instils a sense of foreboding (see An Index of Air, for example), but it also boasts moments of great beauty, as its nine tracks drift into each other.

Imagine if Vangelis had written the Blade Runner soundtrack after hearing Neurosis and you might come close to imagining what lies within tracks like Dark Shales or The Future of Death… but then again, it’s difficult to tag Locrian’s music to any neat description.

An album to absorb, not simply listen to, Infinite Dissolution could come to define this band. Awe-inspiring. Richard Holmes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Infinity And Beyond