We Never Learned To Live – Silently, I Threw Them Skyward (Holy Roar Records)

Genre: Post Rock

If rambling song titles that border on the non-sensicle, abstract artwork and epic songs are up your street, then We Never Learned To Live are your thing. If not, read no further.

This five-piece have turned an initial demo tape into an eight-track debut album of amazing depth, both musically and emotionally.

Not quite as raising or uplifting as 30 Seconds To Mars, but with similar traits, Silently, I Threw Them Skyward is a homage to playing music outside the limits of what other bands would feel comfortable doing.

Tasting Paralysis, an eight minute epic that features two bass guitars and a heavy bass sound, is a testament to that. And the disjointed lyrics of Sean Mahon add to the feeling that this is a record that shouldn’t really work, but somehow it does.

If you like your rock heavy, unconventional and scattered this is the album for you. Running at more than 40 minutes for an eight-track record is impressive stuff – there is some cracking material here if you can wade your way through it all. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Roaring Loud And Proud