American Fangs – Dirty Legs (Best Before Records)

Genre: Alt Rock

Those who took their eye off the ball might have believed American Fangs were nothing more than a fly-by-night, flash in the pan, feted but quickly forgotten example of unfulfilled potential.

Yet anyone who witnessed the Houston crew’s incendiary Download performance earlier this summer were well and truly reminded the fact that these alt metal heroes are here to stay. For now, at least.

Despite contractural disputes, album delays, vampire attacks (honestly) and a stop-start touring schedule this brilliant band has legs. Dirty Legs, to be precise.

And the defiant follow-up to 2013’s self-titled debut is an angry, dirty, rabid blast of quickfire modern rock that deserves to be heard by a public constantly reminded that their beloved genre is dead.

Every song here is right to the point, sharp as a tack and piercing in its sincerity. Frontman Gabriel Cavazos is a vein-popping, muscle-bound, human wrecking ball and if Dirty Legs doesn’t do his must-see live show justice then it comes pretty damn close.

None of the 10 tunes here approach the three-minute mark – in less than half an hour the Fangs have dug deep, torn a strip off the opposition and left you craving more. Counting Wolves is a rabid example of a band at the top of its game and the brilliantly titled Brazilian Axe cuts through the cynicism to leave a lasting creative scar.

Drummer Micah Miller is the perfectly crazed foil to Cavazos’ one-man hurricane and should more bad luck befall these admirable battlers – finally forcing the Texan tyros to call it a day – both would be a huge loss to the world of rock. Bands like this deserve to make it. So make it happen. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 American Heroes