0600753475249_mediumNext month marks the 20th anniversary of Are You Gonna Go My Way‘s nomination as Best Rock Song in the 1994 Grammy Awards and it’s high time we looked back on a perennial RUSHONROCK favourite.

One of the launch titles for the new high fidelity pure audio format, the chart-busting album of the same name has been given a sparkling reboot and Lenny Kravitz has never sounded better. 

Spawning three UK Top 40 singles, and firmly establishing the super-cool Kravitz as one of the commercial rock’s top performers, AYGGMW followed hot on the heels of breakthrough long player Mama Said.

The infectious title track guaranteed hour upon hour of primetime airplay and heavy MTV rotation as Kravitz and co-writer/guitarist Craig Ross enjoyed critical acclaim the world over.

But there was much, much more to a record packed with prime cuts of funked-up bluesy classic rock.

Believe and Heaven Help melted fans’ hearts and won fresh praise – the former hitting the Top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 – with Kravitz seemingly on a creative roll.

And if Black Girl never made the cut as a single it remains one of the finest songs in the Kravitz back catalogue.

What followed was the moderately disappointing Circus – released at a time when grunge had tightened its grip and the classic rock world was struggling to define its own apparently dated sound.

But AYGGMW continued to sell by the bucket load with Kravitz and Ross retaining their status as one of the best live draws around.

Are You Gonna Go My Way full track listing:

  1. Are You Gonna Go My Way” (Kravitz, Craig Ross) – 3:31
  2. “Believe” (Kravitz, Hirsch) – 4:50
  3. “Come On and Love Me” (Kravitz) – 3:52
  4. Heaven Help” (Gerry DeVeaux, Terry Britten) – 3:10
  5. “Just Be a Woman” (Kravitz) – 3:50
  6. “Is There Any Love in Your Heart” (Kravitz, Ross) – 3:39
  7. “Black Girl” (Kravitz) – 3:42
  8. “My Love” (Kravitz, Ross) – 3:50
  9. “Sugar” (Kravitz) – 4:00
  10. “Sister” (Kravitz) – 7:02
  11. “Eleutheria” (Kravitz) – 4:48

The high fidelity pure audio version of Are You Gonna Go My Way is available now via Universal. Manufactured to make use of Blu-ray technology, the dts-HD master audio is the latest step forward in audio technology. Click here for details.