All this week we’re counting down to the last big festival of 2012.

And after giving you the lowdown on Foo Fighters and Mastodon it’s time we checked out Bullet For My Valentine.

The Brit metal mob have conquered fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

And we’re expecting them to lay waste to Berkshire and Bramham this Bank Holiday weekend. 







Band: Bullet For My Valentine

Where: Main Stage

When: Sunday August 26 (Leeds August 24)

Who: British metal saviours.

Why: Think Iron Maiden for the modern generation with shredding solos and a pounding rhythm.

What: Scream Aim Fire, Waking The Demon and maybe a new tune or two…

Watch out for: Some of the longest, straightest and best cut hair in metal. And the occasional mosh pit.

Wait for: Your Betrayal from Fever.