German sleaze metal stars Kissin’ Dynamite are riding high on the back of new album Money, Sex And Power.

And later this year they’ll be opening up for Deagonforce across Europe on their biggest tour to date.

In the second part of an exclusive interview with frontman Johannes Braun, RUSHONROCK editor Simon Rushworth talks Guns N Roses, groupies and getting over to the UK. 




rushonrock: Would you prefer to share a stage with Metallica or Guns N Roses?

Johannes Braun: That’s a hard question! My natural response would be Guns N Roses but then they’re not Guns N Roses anymore. It’s only the singer. And everyone knows Axl is fucked up and can’t sing anymore – at least that’s my opinion. I think I’d be hugely disappointed opening up for him and watching him on stage. I’d rather not shatter the image I have of Axl the rock star at the top of his game. I want to keep that image of him as my ultimate hero, rather than the image of a fucked up old man who can’t sing any more. So it would have to be Metallica. I’d love the opportunity to share a stage with them – I’m waiting for the call!

rushonrock: What’s the most metal thing you’ve bought this year?

JB: Well they’re not really metal but they’re pretty sleazy. My new cowboy boots were very expensive and they’re made of real snake skin. They cost me a few hundred euros bout I wear them every day. I bought them from a good friend of mine who owns a store that I regularly visit.

rushonrock: Does the title of Money, Sex And Power explain why you’re in a band?

JB: I read the title in a German magazine on the first day of the album recording sessions and I just thought it would be perfect for the record we were trying to write. I said it to myself over and over and it sounded very powerful and very memorable. And yes the kind of music we write often revisits the themes of money, sex and power. They’re all interlinked and while we’d like a bit more money there are certainly a few groupies out there when you’re in a band. We decided to write the title track as well – it’s a song that punches you in the kisser without compromise. And that’s Kissin’ Dynamite.

rushonrock: Discuss the track Dinosaurs Are Still Alive

JB: It’s a tribute song…plain and simple. I grew up listening to Accept, AC/DC and Scorpions and those bands are still the biggest and best bands around all these years later. I used to take the CDs from my father’s closet and that’s how I discovered music as a kid. I just wanted to thank all of my heroes and hit back at the people who say rock and metal is dead. The message is that bands that you thought had ceased to exist are still there in 2012 and still doing a great job. It’s a song I love. But it’s nothing to do with real dinosaurs!

rushonrock: Does Sleaze Deluxe hint at the future for Kissin’ Dynamite?

JB: It just represents where we’re at right now and it’s a strong, clear statement. It’s got the hookiest chorus of any song on the new album and it’s one of those songs that you can sing along to the second time you hear it. It’s got a party vibe but I suppose it’s a little bit ironic. We see ourselves as the new next big thing and this song says that.

rushonrock: When can we expect to see the band in the UK?

JB: We’re already committed to a big European tour in November and December with Dragonforce but we’re not playing the UK. We were hoping for the same kind of support slot in Britain but there’s nothing confirmed right now. We came over to London to do some press a couple of months ago and the buzz about the band was great. We really want to get over there.

rushonrock: When you do finally make it over here what can we expect from a Kissin’ Dynamite show?

JB: It will be an explosive high energy show that blows your mind! High octane is how we like to describe our shows. Wait and see.