German sleaze metal crew Kissin’ Dynamite are all set to be rock’s next big thing on the back of fantastic new album Money, Sex And Power.

Supporting Dragonforce across Europe later this year and determined to break their British duck it’s surely only a matter of time before the band hits the big time.

In the first of an exclusive two-part interview, RUSHONROCK editor Simon Rushworth chews the fat with frontman Johannes Braun. 


rushonrock: It’s almost two years since you last checked in with RUSHONROCK so what have you been doing during that time?

Johannes Braun: First of all we did a lot of touring after the last album. We had a tour with Primal Fear through Europe and it was our first experience of something on that scale. We did some festivals and then we started making the new album.

rushonrock: Was it an easy record to make after the critical acclaim heaped upon Addicted To Metal?

JB: We knew that Money, Sex And Power would take longer to get right. We felt it was a very important album in the band’s career. To start with we just sat there thinking about the music we wanted to make before we even got down to writing and recording. We knew where we wanted to go with this album but it needed to be said.

rushonrock: So how did it turn out?

JB: In our view the songwriting is very catchy and hooky. In fact you could say it’s the hookiest stuff we’ve written! It’s also the most powerful album we’ve made and the vocals are far more powerful. I do have a deep range and I wanted that to come out on M,S&P.

rushonrock: You were addicted to metal but now you’re quite partial to sleaze rock – did you always have a sleazier side?

JB: We just wanted to get back to rock n roll rather than concentrate on more serious heavy metal stuff. I’d call our style sleaze metal but it’s more obvious on the new album. On the one hand we have been influenced by the more traditional German metal sound of Accept and Scorpions but we’ve always leaned towards the US sleaze bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row and Guns N Roses. We didn’t want to have to choose between the styles so we made a record mixing both!

rushonrock: So did you stick to a rigid quota of sleaze and metal?

JB: Not at all. We didn’t make a list and record one song in the style of Motley Crue and the next in the style of Accept. We mixed it up. On the tracklisting and within the songs. That’s why the new album sounds so different and so exciting. We’re trying to find our own sound and I think we’re doing that.

rushonrock: You seem to have been working as hard on your image as you have on your music – is that the price you pay for chasing success?

JB: Of course the way we look is a big element of Kissin’ Dynamite. When you look at us of course you can see the US influence from the late 80s. We love that style and it’s a tribute to our biggest heroes. I think people find it interesting when they see us and then hear the kind of music we play. I suppose we’re heavier than we look! But the idea is to get people interested in the band even before they hear our music. If we can get people talking about our image then it opens up new doors and has the potential to broaden our fan base.

rushonrock: As self-confessed rock fans which of this year’s big reunions excited you most – Van Halen or Black Sabbath?

JB: First of all Sabbath was a really big surprise for me. I’d never imagined that the band would get back together again with Ozzy on lead vocals but it happened and it was great. Let’s see what happens with the new album. As for album’s Van Halen’s new record is just awesome. I love both bands and I can’t decide which reunion gets me going more!