With original member Frank Regan back in the fold there’s huge anticipation surrounding the new release from heavy metal heroes Viking Skull.

And from what we’ve heard so far from Cursed By The Sword the hype is fully justified.

Unrelenting loudness coupled with trademark harmonies prove VS are back with a bang and it seems the band’s troubled history could finally be in the past.

Staying true to their genre-defying values there’s still no doubt that traditional metal lies at the heart of everything good on Cursed By The Sword

And release date May 20 should be inked in the diaries of fans of Motorhead, Sabbath, WASP, Clutch and more.

The full tracklisting is below:

1. Five Fingers of Steel
2. This is the End
3. Cursed by the Sword
4. Fire
5. Pumped!
6. You Look Like I Need A Beer
7. Machine Gun Honey
8. My Bitch Talks Too Much
9. Second Left on Harris
10. Sleepwalk