Devil City Angels – Devil City Angels (Century Media)

Genre: Classic Rock

Angels are flying all over this 80s-flavoured rock and roll throwback. They’re in the band name, the album name, a song name – even the sound is influenced heavily by Brit chart botherers Little Angels.

In fact No Angels, five tracks in, doth protest too much. Frontman Brandon Gibbs does his very best Toby Jepson impression on one of this supergroup’s standout tunes. No Angels? More like no shame.

But as long as newcomer Gibbs and his big-name buddies don’t deny that Devil City Angels sound uncannily like the Little Angels then there’s no problem. The latter look like they’re gone for good and who better to fill the void than various members of LA Guns, Poison and Cinderella?

This isn’t as sleazy – but it’s almost as cheesy – as you’d expect from a line-up featuring the cream of MTV wet dreams. The sound is more classic rock than cock rock and it suits Tracii Guns’ increasingly mature style.

Devil City Angels’ self-titled debut is about as original as building houses with bricks. But it lays the foundation for what will be an intriguing future. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Angels Delight