@ Carlisle The Brickyard, February 25 2012

There has been much talk about London-based Alexa De Strange and the Sisters Of Seduction.

Rumoured to be one of the music industry’s best kept secrets – until the release of their first single Babydoll in October 2011 – The Brickyard awaited their debut with great anticipation. 

Within moments it became apparent that the rumours were all true.

Francesca Santamaria Lee ascends the stage like Marilyn Monroe meets Pamela Anderson: she is curvaceous, beautiful, and has a vocal range that is able to go from breathy soft sex kitten to powerful operatic melody.

Babydoll brings a hush to the crowd, telling the story of a young girl seduced by her boss, to live a life of luxury. Luxxxurious evokes the sound of the 70s, almost ABBA-esque pop meets rock in a disco haze.

Impressively Alexa de Strange, the brainchild of Lee, and classically trained musician and guitar impresario husband, Shannon Lee, have a sound that is multi-layered and magical.

The duo boast hooky funk guitar, metal riffs, dance beats and heavy drums. They are different, interesting to watch and to hear, and have the kind of appeal that spans today’s wide and varied musical genres.

The Brickyard offered roars of approval at the close of their set – a show that saw Alexa De Strange’s bid to seduce the nation gather pace.

Viki Ridley