Next week sees the return of rushonrock faves Edguy to the UK for another criminally short – but undoubtedly sweet – run of shows.

The German power metal troupe kick off their trip in Manchester on February 2 and visit Birmingham and London before heading home. 

And there’s a very good reason why we’d love to see more of Edguy over here – crazy frontman Tobias Sammet!

Never short of a word or two, he’s stoked to be heading back to one of his favourite nations and said: “I don’t wanna kiss ass but I love England.

“I love tea, I love British humour, I love British football! Not so much Manchester United! I love the English mountains, the English rivers and even more so the English trees.

“I love the alleys and the willow, the British sparrow and the English castles. I love Iron Maiden and Kiss, although I know Kiss has got nothing to do with England, but I make an exception here.

“I love London and Essex, I love Robin Hood and his merry men, I love the Nottingham caves, Michael Praed. To cut a long story short: I love the way England looks and more so the way it smells.

“It’s a scent of love, of life, a scent of freedom and tradition. It feels great to be back to play in England, I am thrilled with anticipation and I don’t say that about every place we go.

“I remember we played a place in Austria a long time ago and it kind of left me cold in advance. In fact I can’t make up my mind about who should feel more privileged: England or Edguy?

“I guess England, but Edguy stands right next to that on position number two. I highly recommend everyone to come to the shows because not only you will have the thrill of your lifetime, it’s also important for us to make the tour remunerative! Big time!”

So there. Miss them and you’ll miss out.