As the UK prepares to deliver its verdict on the softer side of Opeth this week there’s more than the milder alter ego of Mike Akerfeldt to get fans through the doors.

Progressive metal masters Pain Of Salvation have been handpicked to open up for their fellow Scandinavians.

And according to frontman Daniel Gildenlow it’s a gig goer’s match made in heaven. 

September’s eighth studio album, Road Salt Two, has been touted as POS’s best yet and Gildenlow said: “The Opeth guys are really nice people and me and Mike always end up talking for hours.
“It seems our touring together might be a perfect match and I know Mike put Road Salt One on his top list of albums in 2010.
“I love a physical audience and that’s what I’m expecting across the UK. Also, during the years I have been happy to see that our audience has changed from a rather homogenous crowd both age and gender-wise into a much more diverse audience.
“These days the fans range from young, screaming girls and the raging political youth to the more typical metal and prog fans.
“I love the fact that our musical diversity and courage is so clearly mirrored in our fanbase these days!”
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