We’re looking back on the very best of the rock and metal year ahead of the unveiling of 2011’s top album.

And today we salute the ever-growing list of quality reissues. Read on the find out which record topped this year’s list… 


This was, more than any other year, Rush’s year. And this supreme release, featuring a 5.1 DVD-Audio mix of the entire album for good measure, was expertly timed.

The band’s decision to play this record in its entirety on the 2010/11 Time Machine tour meant the Moving Pictures reissue became an essential buy for fans old and new.

Featuring so many classics in such a glorious mix meant this was as close to progressive rock heaven as it’s possible to get. Listen to it time after time…and you’ll still want to hear it again.

2 MegadethPeace Sells…But Who’s Buying (25th Anniversary Edition)

3 RainbowDown To Earth

4 Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Oz

5 Primordial Calm Before The Storm

6 Paradise Lost Draconian Times (Legacy Edition)

7 Thin LizzyJailbreak

8 GraveyardGraveyard

9 SlashSlash (Deluxe Edition)

10 RainbowRising