Christmas is coming and we’re compiling the ultimate wishlist courtesy of our favourite rock and metal stars.

Today Turisas frontman Mathias ‘Warlord’ Nygard reveals what he’s hoping for this festive period (apart from the usual raping and pillaging). 

“We’re actually going to be home this Christmas. The best part of that is being able to spend time with the family.

“You get to see all the people you love, relax and not have to think at all about work. A few days completely off is the best Christmas present ever.

“We celebrate on the eve of Christmas, not on the day. But of course the celebrations last throughout the holiday period and it’s very family-orientated.

“Everyone knows Santa Claus comes from Finland and it always looks like Christmas in Finland. Although the picture postcard scenes are not quite as they seem when you’re freezing your ass off, the traffic grinds to a halt and the snow stops you doing what you’re home to do!”