Longstanding Journey man Jonathan Cain has admitted he could cross the Atlantic without his most famous sidekick this summer.

In an exclusive chat with rushonrock earlier today the legendary songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist talked new record Eclipse, the rise and rise of frontman Arnel Pineda and that piano.

And it seems the cherry red grand piano – famous for providing the keys for iconic tune Don’t Stop Believin’ – could be on the brink of retirement.

“I’ve been working with a new Italian piano that weighs far, far less and still does the job,” Cain explained. “It’s 100lbs compared to the 1,200lbs we’re talking for the grand. And when you’re talking about flying it around the world then every pound counts!” 

Cain and company kick off their headline UK tour with AOR soul mates Foreigner and Styx next month. And the band’s major songwriter is seriously contemplating leaving his old friend back home in storage.

“I’m thinking about the crew and the time it takes to tune the grand and all of that kind of stuff,” he added. “When we’re doing festivals the set-up time is so limited that it just puts pressure on everyone.

“I just want to make everything as easy as possible for everyone on this tour and the new piano fits the bill in that respect. I’m also playing more guitar with the band in the wake of the new Eclipse album and so that’s become something I need to concentrate more of my time and effort on.

“It may be that sometime soon the grand piano could be put out to pasture.”

Journey, Foreigner and Styx tour the UK in June and we’ll be bringing you a full interview with Cain next month as part of a very special series of exclusive interviews with the RUSHONROCK Rock Gods!