Everybody’s favourite rock n roll party band the Quireboys are due to head back into the studio after beginning work on the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Homewreckers And Heartbreakers.

The band has pencilled in next month to record and mix a series of new songs demoed on the road. And guitarist Paul Guerin is delighted with the standard of the tracks which will ultimately feature on a 2012 release. 

The Blyth-born former River Dog revealed the band’s latest tour of Scandinavia spawned a number of future classics – and thanks to modern technology the nuts and bolts of a new album are already set in stone.

“These days we do a lot of work on the road,” said Guerin. “I use Logic Pro 8 on the Mac and 20 minutes after we arrive at wherever we’re stopping the studio’s up and running. Earlier this month, even if we only had an hour or so, we’d get to work every day – me, Spike and Guy always have a bucketful of ideas knocking around. And the guy looking after us in Scandinavia, Andre, always made sure there was a conference room booked in our name at the hotel so we had somewhere to work.

“We’d be in there every day working on the new songs. There’s some great stuff to look forward to. Spike’s going to get together with me and we’ll work on the best stuff but I’m totally confident in what we’ll have to offer. Technology is working in our favour because we’ve always been prolific songwriters – we’ve just never had the time to get into the studio because, as a band, we don’t like to stand still.”

The Quireboys have released two Halfpenny Dancer albums, featuring covers and new versions of old classics, in the time since 2008’s Homewreckers And Heartbreakers was released to critical acclaim. But the band’s failure to settle on a consistent rhythm section in that time has hampered progress in terms of completing a new record of original material.

The Quireboys’ core quartet have, however, now been together for the best part of a decade and Guerin insists that togetherness is a guarantee of quality. “We know each other inside out and the songwriting process is extremely creative as a result.”

Catch the band on tour throughout the UK before Christmas at the following venues:

Nov 26 Spring and Airbrake Belfast, UK see website
Nov 27 Whelan’s Dublin, Ireland www.whelanslive.com
Nov 29 Moho Live Manchester, UK www.moholive.com
Nov 30 The Garage Glasgow, UK www.garageglasgow.co.uk
Dec 1 Academy 2 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK www.o2academynewcastle.co.uk
Dec 2 Kasbah Coventry, UK www.kasbahnightclub.com
Dec 3 Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn, North Wales www.hardrockhell.com
Dec 4 Corporation Sheffield, UK www.corporation.org.uk
Dec 6 The Globe Cardiff, UK www.theglobecardiff.com
Dec 7 The Brook Southampton, UK www.the-brook.com
Dec 8 Electric Ballroom London, UK www.electricballroom.co.uk
Dec 9 Club Revolution Peterborough, UK www.clubrevolutionrocks.com
Dec 10 Central StationWrexham, UK www.centralstationvenue.com