RSH5Brit sludgecore sextet Raging Speedhorn announced their long awaited return to action with a bang last year, with explosive live sets at the Sonisphere and Damnation festivals.

With new single Halfway To Hell out this month and a UK tour with Will Haven up next, the Corby outfit are making the most out of their recent reunion.

Richard Holmes caught up with drummer Gordon Morrison to find out why they got back on the road – and why you should keep an eye on your pint if you catch them live… 




RUSHONROCK: You’ve been away for eight years – why reunite? What was the impetus behind reforming?

GORDON MORRISON: It seemed to be the right time for it to happen really. We had all gone off and done our own things like get married, start our own businesses, have babies… and I just thought we had something different to all the bands that are around now.

RUSHONROCK: What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed since getting back together?

GM: I think the biggest change in the band is that Frank (Regan) is back on vocals and our long time best friend, Jim Palmer, is now on guitar replacing Gaz (Gareth Smith). The band feels really good at the moment and we all seem to be happy to be back playing together and having fun.

RUSHONROCK: How long did it take you to gel together as a band again?

GM: We had around 20 songs we had put together through emails and talking on the phone with the guys about a week before the first practice. We all got into the practice room and banged straight into The Hate Song. The energy was there straight away: it felt like we had never been away.

RUSHONROCK: After being apart for such a long time, have any new influences or musical approaches seeped into the band?

GM: We all listen to different music: funk, soul, metal, indie, 60s, 70s, whatever. But I don’t think anything has changed when it comes to writing Speedhorn songs.

RUSHONROCK:  You played an incredible show at Hammerfest VII this year – how did you find the Hammerfest experience?

GM: It was amazing. It was really good to be able to hang out with some old friends, get drunk and play an amazing show!

RUSHONROCK: What has been the response been from long time fans to Halfway To Hell?

GM:  The response has been really good to be honest Our fans are the best, if they don’t like something they will tell you. But I think they’re happy, as it’s back to old school Speedhorn.

RUSHONROCK: How is the new material coming along – when can we expect a new album?

GM:  It’s coming along nicely. We have around three/four new songs and a lot more ideas in the pipeline. We’re hoping to have the album recorded this year and release the record early next year.

RUSHONROCK: What can fans expect from your tour with Will Haven? Will there be much new material in the set?

GM:  Expect six drunk guys smashing your face in, nicking your beer and having fun. There might be one or two new songs in the set but you will have to wait and see…

RUSHONROCK: What are your ambitions now for Raging Speedhorn, your aims for the band?

GM:  I don’t think we have any to be honest with you. We’re just enjoying it and taking it as it comes for now.

RUSHONROCK: Finally, you’ve come back really strong – are there any bands who you’d like to see give it another go, and why?

GM: I would love to see Cave In play in the UK again. I think they’re an underrated band and I’ve never seen them play so that would be amazing.


* Raging Speedhorn’s tour in support of Will Haven starts on May 24 at Sound Control, Manchester.