Later this week Sonisphere roars into action as the big summer of metal gets even bigger.

As big as the Big Four in fact – and we’re celebrating an historic day in UK metal by looking ahead to the brain-crunching quartet that is Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

First up it’s Slayer: our man at Knebworth Calum Robson brings you the lowdown on the thrash legends! BAND: SLAYER

WHEN: Friday 8th July

WHERE: Apollo Stage

YOU KNOW THEM BECAUSE: Apart from being one of the big four in thrash metal, they’ve continously found themselves in the public eye for their notoriety – playing with sensitive religious and historical symbolism, prompting accusations of racism, nazism, and stirring religious hate, with the ban of their Christ Ilusion album cover in India.


TOILET BREAK: Threshold – from their nu-metal dabbling album God Hates Us All – showcasing Araya almost having a limp Limp Bizkit moment of rap.

LOOK OUT FOR: Kerry King shredding your face off while a whirling mosh pit causes you to empty yourself.

ESSENTIAL ALBUM: Reign In Blood (1986)

OUT NOW: World Painted Blood (2009)

LIKE SLAYER?  YOU MAY ENJOY: The other three of the big four and exciting new thrashers Sylosis (11am Saturday morning!)