@ Newcastle Legends, April 30 2011

New Generation Superstars kicked off their set with Rock N Roll Bastards and this track set the tone for a blistering performance in Legends. 

Hearing NGS live is always an excercise in aural pleasure. Their brand of infectious punk rock is influenced by Hanoi Rocks, The Dead Boys, Kiss and Iggy and The Stooges and they pay homage to each with deserved aplomb without losing an ounce of orginality.

Charismatic frontman AJ roared into Nothin To Lose with the battlecry ‘everybody wants to be my friend’ and the crowd springs into a heated fervour. Segueing into Own Sweet Hell followed by Way Back Home, both please the die-hard fans in the audience and vocal participation ensued.

Guitarist Davey ‘The Messiah’ is a fast fingered high octane powerhouse who delights with each riff and chord. Christopher Reed is the superstar drummer who drives the heart of the band with an undeniable talent and sheer force. Although still mourning the loss of former bassist Dazzle Rebel, temporary replacement, and Nikki Sixx lookalike, Dirty B, provided the rhythm and pulse needed to complete this band of blood brothers.

There wee many highlights but hearing former hit Star and being treated to some new material in the form of Hell City – which tells the tale of the guys’ exploits on their European tour – were the stand out moments of what was a truly impressive show. Rounding off the night with the now classic Guess What, cheers and applause abounded.

Viki Ridley