Opeth main man Mike Akerfeldt has warned record stores across the UK to stock up now as one of metal’s biggest vinyl addicts prepares for next month’s headline tour.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s US show in Pittsburgh the Swedish singer revealed his love of music in its most traditional form is stronger than ever. 

And after spending the afternoon in one of the city’s most famous vinyl outlets he revealed: “I just can’t get enough of the stuff.

“Today I must have spent more than $150 on all kinds of stuff including Kiss, Alice Cooper and Van Halen’s Women And Children First.

“When I was a kid I couldn’t afford records. Like most children of the 80s I mixed and matched with my friends and recorded onto cassette.

“I probably gained about three pieces of vinyl a year – one for my birthday, one for Christmas and one with any spending money I had.

“Back then, as a kid, money was so tight. But now I have a bit more ion my pocket to indulge my love of vinyl. I’m looking forward to seeing what the UK has to offer!”

Opeth’s Heritage tour includes six headline dates across the UK starting on November 8 in Bristol. Look out for a full interview here soon and a review from next week’s Newcastle show!