Steel Panther – Download RJD Stage, June 13 2010

With rain lashing down, ankle-deep mud gathering underfoot and a main stage running well behind schedule, Sunday’s Download seemed to be taking a turn for the worse.

But one band changed all that. One band stopped the rain. One band made the mud tolerable. That band was Steel Panther.

Returning for their second performance in successive years at Download, the glam rockers meant business.

With the festival celebrating the last brilliant 30 years on the hallowed grounds of Donington. So it was fitting that a band inspired by a spoof 70s act, laced up and singing 80s style songs with a twist of modern day humour should steal the show.

In the space of a year the band’s popularity has sky rocketed, one of the craziest moments of the weekend involved some over excited Panther fans and an ice cream truck.

Catching one of their idols Slash on stage from a high vantage point the band didn’t go unnoticed and soon several fans had scaled an unwilling van to bow to their metal heroes.

Feel The Steel T-shirts as well as full scale costumes were visible everywhere and the by the time the band landed on the second stage, the atmosphere had reached fever pitch.

Every line of starters Death To All But Metal and Turn Out The Lights were impeccably met by the audiences of all ages.

The crude and laugh out loud remarks prove the quartet are more than just musicians all playing their parts to perfection.

New single I Want It That Way may have been a guilty pleasure back in the day but the regeneration into a heavy metal anthem, makes it uber cool and could be the bands first step into the mainstream.

Oklahoma Girl, The Shocker and Asian Hooker all went down a treat with the now weathered crowd, especially when accompanied by a couple of soaked girls goaded into making out on stage.

As a quick side note, in the space of an hour there were more tits on display then a puberty stricken teenage boy’s room. Not that anyone was complaining especially not lead singer Michael Starr.

The set drew to a close with Party All Day and although the desperate calls for an encore were never going to be granted due to logistics, all fans must have been left satisfied (pun most definitely intended).

Stix, Lexxi Foxxx and Satchel all pouted and quipped their way through the set but most impressively took the time to dispel the circulating rumours.

The good news is there are no plans for the band to call it quits and after this showing they would be crazy to do so. If SP were to release a new album and maybe commit to a world wide tour not only could the main stage be theirs by next year but so could the rock world.

Andy Spoors