It’s Call Of The Wild time and this summer’s first big rock festival starts tomorrow! So who should you be checking out?


Daxx & Roxane




Thursday May 19



Born To Be Wild

London-based Swiss classic rockers Daxx & Roxane have been on the Rushonrock radar for more than five years now.

And with every new release the killer quartet have honed their craft to create a heady mix of 80s-inspired feelgood riffage.

A staple of the capital’s club scene, Daxx has supported just about everyone worth watching within the burgeoning NWOCR community.

But now is surely the time for Cedric Pfister and co. to take their game to the next level — starting with a main stage slot at Call Of The Wild.

What We Said

Dashing quartet Daxx & Roxane have the look.

The swaggering Swiss rockers have the attitude.

And the London-based band even have a sweet tin on their merch stand.

But do they have the songs?

Maybe they didn’t…

…but they do now.

Thanks to the decision to partner with Colin Parkinson, this is a new and improved Daxx.

The former Inglorious man knows a banger when he hears one.

And he’s transformed raw potential into proven quality at a stroke.

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