They released an almighty return to form in the shape of the cracking Revolve last year and 2010 is set to see the Danger Danger revival gather pace.

Long regarded as titans of the hair metal scene, the US band is back for good and looking to tour extensively in 2010.

We caught up with king of the pipes and D2 frontman Ted Poley for a slice of early 90s nostalgia.

rushonrock: Revolve is a real throwback to the band’s debut – was that the intention?

Ted Poley: I think it’s a combination of the maturity we’ve developed and the immaturity we’ve retained. You can’t help but grow up a little bit. But I didn’t say I was mature. What I do is still great fun and I feel like a kid. As opposed to pumping gas for a living I’m very privileged doing what I do.

rushonrock: Does it feel good to be back with Danger Danger for the foreseeable future?

TP: Danger Danger has always been my great love. I really missed being out of the band at the time but I filled in the time with a whole load of projects. I like keeping busy. I never really took a break with things like Bone Machine going on but it was always the same music – I just kept calling it something else. Music is pretty much who and what I am. I’m very fortunate that the solo career really took off around the release of Smile and now I have the best of both worlds. My favourite band’s back together and I can always get a few gigs on my own!

rushonrock: Can you point to a time when hair metal suddenly became popular again?

TP: I think I saw signs of it around six years ago. That’s when I rejoined the band – around Sweden Rock in 2004. Then there was Rocklahoma and various festivals around the world which started booking the bands from the late 80s/early 90s. Also VH1 became the new home for classic rock and became the new MTV for bands of our generation. VH1 still actually plays music which is a help. Danger Danger have been rated by them as one of the best hair metal bands of all time and that’s fine by me – they can call us whatever they want to call us as long as they play our music! Our stock has risen quite a bit because of that and there’s a real nostalgia thing kicking in. The kids like to hear music from that era and I’m glad the revival’s come around.

rushonrock: Why has it happened?

TP: I just don’t know. I thought the music I love was dead forever but now it looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future which is so nice to see. The thing about good rock music is that you can have so much fun listening to it. We all live in hard times right now and it’s important to let your hair down and have some fun from time to time. That’s what Danger Danger’s music is all about.

rushonrock: Do you feel grunge robbed you of some of your best years?

TP: I would have appreciated more of those best years when I was a little bit younger. But maybe there are a few more good years ahead. Before Revolve was released I’d never have expected to see Danger Danger chart again but we hit 83 on the Swedish charts. It’s not going to worry anyone but I thought it was nice all the same. Of course after what’s gone before I don’t expect anything to last but I’m having a more fun time that usual right now! I try not to think about the mid 90s. The changing face of music more or less turned off my career in the flick of a switch. Danger Danger saw what was happening and tried to take a new direction but I stayed true to my trademark sound which was tough but, in my view, necessary. I always maintained a hardcore fan base and they always kept me going.

rushonrock: As an artist do you ever underestimate the importance of those fans?

TP: Never. Through my website,, I keep in constant contact with them and I really thank them from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me for so long. I released a Ted Poley Greatest Hits CD exclusively through the website and it’s done really well – the fans know they’re getting it directly from me and there’s no money going elsewhere. They really do support me every time they buy a CD and I recognise that.

rushonrock: Danger Danger have always been a party band famed for having fun but will you ever get serious?

TP: No. Not at all. We have always enjoyed ourselves on stage and we’ve proved we still can. We play with a smile on our faces but the fans know we can back it up with musical chops. I’ve been able to play music since the age of four and Bruno is classically trained – and we’ve played on everything that we’ve ever released. We’ve played on some tough tours like Alice Cooper and Kiss and those bands and their fans would have eaten us alive if we couldn’t have played. We haven’t sold as many CDs as Motley Crue but we’ve played a lot of shows and there are never any complaints. We really do kick ass even after all these years! Many of our best moments have been on stage and we’re looking to tour throughout 2010.

rushonrock: As a vocalist has there ever been a time when you’ve been worried your voice is shot?

TP: Every other minute. And every other minute I’m worried that my hair won’t last. There’s a lot to worry about in this business you know! But I train all day to make sure I stay as fit and healthy as possible. You have to stay in shape in this game. In order to hit the high notes and out on a great show I have to look after myself. I don’t even get to eat what I want to eat most of the time!

rushonrock: Are Danger Danger here to stay?

TP: I don’t try and look too far into the future after what’s happened in the past. But I know we can’t just sit back if we want to move forward.