His latest run of UK shows have thrilled crowds the length and breadth of Britain and Dan Reed is rapidly proving there’s plenty of life after his Network.

Combining classic tracks from the early 90s with tunes from his new album the soulful rock funkster is breathing new life into the music scene.

And we’ve gone behind the scenes with the man who one toured the world with the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi for the latest rushonrock Rider.

On your iPod: Biffy Clyro and Sigur Ros feature quite a bit and I’ve been listening to Dead Cities by Future Sound Of London. That’s cool.

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t really watch TV. I do watch a lot of clips on YouTube and I’m a fan of The Daily Show with John Stewart.

Making A Meal Of It: Anything Indian.

Drivetime: I don’t own a car. My favourite mode of transport is a two-wheel bicycle.

Ace Place: There’s a temple in Amritsar in India called the Golden Temple. It’s a Sikh temple and there’s something very reverent about the place. Everybody shows the utmost respect in there and there’s complete silence.

Dream Destination: I’d love to go to Iceland and Greenland and of course South America. And it would be great to go deep into China.

Nickname Shame: Butch.