Frontman with German retro metallers Kissin’ Dynamite, the teenage talent that is Hannes Braun looks set to become one of rock’s biggest stars.

As debut album Addicted To Metal continues to pull in a raft of sensational reviews it can only be a matter of time before these boys break out of their native Germany and take on the world.

For now Hannes is only interested in becoming a millionaire and moving to LA. Ambition is not a problem for these Teutonic tearaways and we’ll be bringing you a full interview here soon. For now we go behind the scenes with the elder of the Braun brothers.

On your iPod: It’s all stuff from the 80s but 18 And Life by Skid Row is never far away. I love Night Train and anything by AC/DC or Motley Crue tends to get me in the mood.

Small Screen Pleasure: I like Pirates Of The Caribbean not so much because of the pirates but because of the lead character Jack Sparrow. He’s so rock and roll and looks like he should be fronting a hair metal band. But in general the TV in Germany is shit – reality shows which make fools of fools.

Making A Meal Of It: Zwiebelrostbraten. It’s basically beef with noodles.

Drivetime: I’ve been 18 for a week and I’ve had a car for a month. But I’ve been driving for a week. I have a 17-year-old Opel Astra and it’s fast.

Ace Place: We played a Monsters Of Rock gig in the Czech Republic in 2009 and it just blew me away. We started playing in front of nobody but within a few songs we had thousands of people watching us. Right now that’s my favourite place.

Dream Destination: It has to be LA. Through this band I aim to become a millionaire and live in Beverley Hills. It’s a dream but it’s a dream that could come true.

Nickname Shame: (lost in translation – ed.)