They’re the latest band to roll off the conveyor belt that is classic German rock and the boys from Kissin’ Dynamite wear their metal/sleaze influences on their sleeves.

Packing their cracking major label debut Addicted To Metal with soaring hooks and singalong choruses what’s not to like about the Teutonic trailblazers?

We can’t wait to see them hit the UK very soon – for now check out what teen singer Hannes Braun has to say about all things metal.

rushonrock: Did the band name really come from the AC/DC track off the Blow Up Your Video album?

Hannes Braun: Exactly right! When we set the band up we searched for hours for the perfect name and we didn’t find anything we liked. It was just shit that came out. Then suddenly one of the guys’ phones rang and it was the Kissin’ Dynamite ringtone. We always loved the song and the name fitted the band perfectly.

rushonrock: Are AC/DC one of the key influences on the band then?

HB: Yeah – on the hard rock/metal side of things we like AC/DC, Accept and Judas Priest. But we’re also big fans of sleaze rock and the likes of Guns N Roses, Motley Crue and Skid Row have all influenced our sound.

rushonrock: But you’re children of the 90s aren’t you?

HB: When we recorded the first album the average age of the band members was 15 or 16 and we’re all 18 or 19 now. I’m the youngest at 18 so most of our favourite records came out before we were born! It’s thanks to our parents that we love the music that we do – my father always listened to AC/DC in his car and I loved that stuff. One night I couldn’t sleep and I asked my daddy if he’d play Money Talks to get me off to sleep. I don’t think it worked but it meant I got to listen to a great song!

rushonrock: So you’re a big fan of The Razor’s Edge record too then?

HB: When I first heard Money Talks and got the album I listened to it non-stop for a year. It was my favourite album and that’s how my love affair with metal started. I must have been four or five then. When I was six and my brother was seven we went to our first AC/DC show and it blew us away. After that we started to listen to some other bands like Accept and Scorpions and it just developed from there.

rushonrock: The new album’s called Addicted To Metal – are you? And what else are you addicted to?

HB: At the very beginning it was just a passion. I liked the music and liked to play the music. It was a very, very good hobby. Then this great hobby developed into some kind of addiction. I was addicted to the music and the music was metal. It became clear we’d write a song called Addicted To Metal at some point and we loved the title so much it stuck for the album. I’m not addicted to anything else but I dislike everyting that’s not ‘true’ music. I hate hip-hop. Metal is the only music which is handmade and that’s why I love it.

rushonrock: What’s it like playing in a band with your brother?

HB: I’m the singer but he’s the older brother. He’s one year older than me. It’s not difficult. We know each other so well and of course there are disputes from time to time but show me any brothers who don’t argue! Within the band we’re all the best of friends and the brothers thing just isn’t an issue. We’ll be honest with each other when things aren’t right but we stick together when the going gets tough.

rushonrock: Do you have any other siblings addicted to metal?

HB: We have a sister. She’s the youngest. She’s just a typical little sister and likes listening to other music. I don’t think she’s ever going to be addicted to metal.

rushonrock: What’s your favourite rock/metal album of all time?

HB: There are so many good records which are so important to me. But I don’t suppose you can look past Back In Black both in terms of the quality of the music and how commercially successful it’s been. That and Motley Crue’s Dr Feelgood are my favourite albums.

rushonrock: Will metal live forever?

HB: It’s got so many different forms and appeals to so many different people that it will never die. Even sleaze rock and glam rock have proved they can last and both genres are enjoying a massive revival now. Overall guitar music is getting bigger and it’s certainly the case with metal. There was trash pop and techno and it’s all just bullshit. It might have been a good time for some people but it was a terrible period for metal fans. Apart from Maiden or AC/DC there was no place for other rock bands on radio or TV for a very long time but the bands kept working away behind the scenes and they survived. So, yes, metal will live forever.