Steel Panther star Lexxi Foxx has paid tribute to fellow bass player Gene Simmons as the latter prepares to take the UK by storm next month.

In the week when rushonrock readers can benefit from Simmons’ pearls of wisdom in our exclusive Gene Therapy series, Panther’s pretty boy has spoken out.

And Foxxx has nothing but praise for the grandaddy of bass when he says: “Gene’s pretty bitchin’. First of all he’s the only other bass player in the world who wears more make-up than me.

“I feel for him and I respect him. Anyone who has to slap on more stuff than me before a show deserves credit.

“Of course I don’t use just the two colours. I like to properly decorate my face and don’t want to look like a demon. There’s only room for one demon in the world of rock an that’s Gene Simmons.”