To many it was the end of a glorious metal era but to many more it was the start of a new rock dynasty.

Those who predicted the end of Black Sabbath following the departure of Ozzy Osbourne hadn’t bargained for a little bloke with a booming voice.

And here at rushonrock we firmly believe that the day Ronnie James Dio joined Tony Iommi for an impromptu jam session was the day Sabbath reached its creative peak. So let’s just say we’re more than a little excited about the latest batch of reissues – due next month. Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules and Live Evil hit stores on April 5 and as an Easter treat they’ll go down way better than a chocolate egg or furry chick. Boasting classics such as Neon Knights, Children Of The Sea and Sign Of The Southern Cross there’s little to dislike about these expanded editions.

And of course they’re expanded. With exclusive live versions, video clips and demos these revamped reissues are every Dio fan’s dream. Or should that be every Dio fan’s dream evil?

Anyway, expect a full review of all three here very soon and for now feast your eyes on the full track listings:


DISC ONE: Neon Knights; Children Of The Sea; Lady Evil; Heaven And Hell; Wishing Well; Die Young; Walk Away; Lonely Is The Word

DISC TWO: Children Of The Sea (Live); Heaven And Hell (Live); Lady Evil (Mono Edit); Neon Knights (Video – Live); Die Young (Video – Live); Neon Knights (Live, Hartford, CN, USA, ’80); Children Of The Sea (Live, Hartford, CN, USA ’80); Heaven And Hell (Live, Hartford, CN, USA ’80); Die Young (Live, Hartford, CN, USA ’80)


DISC ONE: Turn Up The Night; Voodoo; The Sign Of The Southern Cross; E5150; The Mob Rules; Country Girl; Slipping Away; Falling Off The Edge Of The World; Over And Over; Bonus Tracks: Die Young (Live – 12″ version); The Mob Rules (Alternative Version)

DISC TWO: E5150 (Live); Neon Knights (Live); N.I.B. (Live); Children Of The Sea (Live); Country Girl (Live); Black Sabbath (Live); War Pigs (Live); Slipping Away (Live); Iron Man (Live); The Mob Rules (Live); Heaven And Hell (Live); Paranoid (Live); Voodoo (Live); Children Of The Grave (Live)


DISC ONE: E5150; Neon Knights; N.I.B.; Children Of The Sea; Voodoo; Black Sabbath; War Pigs; Iron Man

DISC TWO: The Mob Rules; Heaven And Hell; The Sign Of The Southern Cross / Heaven And Hell (continued); Paranoid; Children Of The Grave; Fluff