In a week or so Marya Roxx will make it home for Christmas. Nothing strange there then.

Except the pocket rocket Estonian, and star of this year’s Hard Rock Hell main stage, hardly ever gets to see her friends and family back in Tallinn.

Why? Because she’s sacrificed everything she knows and everyone she loves to pursue the fabled rock and roll dream.

Four years ago she was fronting one of the biggest bands in the Baltics. But there’s only so far you can go as the lead singer of Vanilla Ninja.

And so Marya made the brave decision to up sticks and set herself up in Los Angeles. Talk about a fish out of water.

With only the producer Kevin Shirley – a handy contact nevertheless – as a point of reference she overcame homesickness and unfamiliarity to establish herself as one of the rising stars of the West Coast scene.

Hard work followed hard work followed hard work. And at the end of 2009 Marya is on the brink of bagging the record deal which will make all those sacrifices worthwhile.

Of course it might not happen. No doubt she’s suffered her fair share of knockbacks and the dynamic vocalist is probably primed for more.

But still she will take the risks and ride out the homesickness just for a taste of what could be.

Marya’s is a familiar story and a tale shared by so many of the lesser known artists playing Prestatyn last weekend.

Not for them the spacious double decker tour buses and behind-the-scenes luxury afforded W.A.S.P., Queensryche and the New York Dolls.

Marya might have had a van and meal voucher if she was lucky. Some of her fellow musos didn’t even have that.

But they’re all driven by the same goal – to be the next big thing in a business which persuades even the sanest of people to pack in the easy life for a taste of inevitable toil and occasional tears.

It takes a certain individual to choose the most uncertain of roads and a lifestyle often spent living out of a suitcase with limited financial reward.

The failures far outweigh the successes and Marya might just as easily end up on the metal scrapheap in 12 months’ time as the new face for a proactive label.

But she, like so many of the bands who rocked Wales over and over again during 48 hours of power chord heaven, deserves to succeed simply because of her spirit, work ethos and determination.

And here at rushonrock we think she will. To make it out of Tallin, set up in LA and share a stage with W.A.S.P., Quuensryche and New York Dolls suggests the hard work has been done.

Throw in a little luck in 2010 and Marya might just be the next big success story. And hers will be a more endearing tale than most.