HRH logoTime for a quick stop in Prestatyn’s hardest rocking chalet and an update on the festival so far in between onion rings, a pile of fliers and Hysterica. But more on our favourite new girl band later…

Waylander were way cool with their heavy folk and the teutonic power of Die Apokalyptischien Reiter was enough to make grown men cry. Especially when they considered the fate awaiting the band’s leather clad keyboardist when his pants are inside out.Korplikanni have been renamed Korplicanny at rushonrock HQ after their high energy Stage 2 performance set a new standard for day one. Prize for the coolest moustache and slicked back hair goes to the same individual – Korplikanni’s ageing yet immense bass player.

Prize for the nicest men in rock goes to Gun’s Toby and Jules, although the latter’s wooly hat was about as ‘rock’ as a fairy. Not only are they nice they’re also on a roll and their Stage 1 set – which brought an end to the current UK tour – was an absolute belter. Armed with their new mini album expect more on Gun right here very soon.

And so to Hysterica. What lovely ladies. Just a shame about Jessica’s pedal. To be fair she doesn’t even look old enough to take off her stabilisers. But that’s another story. Needless to say rushonrock paparazzi Rick and Ham worked overtime during the Swedish stunners’ set and pics will follow here very soon – just as soon as the two new fathers have filtered out the shots they’d rather their baby sons didn’t see.

Back to the main stage and a healthy dose of hair metal nostalgia in the shape of Ratt provided another obvious highlight for rushonrock’s ‘stuck in the 80s’ editor and those who caught him singing along to Way Cool Jnr and Round & Round were in for a treat.

Talking of treats, spending some personal time with Hysterica in the press area was a pleasure. Bitche (bitchy) comes across all cold and mean but she loves us really and we might grow to love her. What we do love is her taste in fellow band mates but let’s not labour the point. Well, not now, anyway.

Terrorvision impressed both Rick and Ham – no mean feat when you’re dealing with two of the harshest critics in rock. Standouts included Oblivion and a rocked up Tequila but this might well have been the show of Day One. It certainly eclipsed Eden’s Curse but then Roxette would have managed that.

Bye for now – it’s back into the firing line as we check out Monster Magnet and maybe, just maybe, some Winterborn and Tribal Law. By the way, how bad is the merch? Come on guys, revamp the stock and give us some classic tees worth buying. Otherwise we’ll have to go for the drinking horn. Now there’s a plan.