baird's cultNow this isn’t one for the faint hearted or even those of you with the constitution of an ox. In fact it’s one of the scariest, nastiest, craziest pieces of music we’ve heard for some time and it’s coming straight out of the North East in time for Christmas!

Cult Of Whores And Dogs combine a clear punk ethos with an industrial vibe to create one of the most unpleasant sounds you’ll hear all year. But if you’re disaffected, deeply disturbed or simply yearning to hear something demonically different then this is the band for you.

With a four track EP due for release in December and tour dates planned throughout the UK and Europe in 2010 you’ll be hearing a lot more from frontman Keith Baird and his band mates very, very soon.

For now all we’ve heard is promo single Sex And Indestroy and it promises some very dark times ahead. Grinding riffs, lyrics which would make members of Rammstein blush and a pretty brutal approach to making metal means this is one song your girlfriend really won’t want to hear.

But we’d hazard a guess this uncompromising will appeal to the punk rock masses and industrial dudes alike so watch this space – and watch your back. Otherwsie you too could get sucked into the Cult Of Whores And Dogs…