Pil & Bue – Forget The Past, Let’s Worry About The Future

Genre: Rock

Making an impact on a five-track rock EP is never easy, but that’s exactly what Norwegian duo Pil & Bue have done here with their catchy choruses, thrashing hooks and pounding drums.

From the opening chord of No Is The Answer, Pil & Bue bring a sense of familiarity to rock fans. This is a track that brings together the traditional elements of classic rock musicianship, with pop punk style vocals and real hard rock style singalong choruses with the continued repetition of ‘No Is The Answer’ throughout.

Despite its familiarity, and sense of previously well-done rock, this is an opener that will definitely get people paying attention. While this style of track has been done and done again, this type of rock is so timeless that there will always be an audience seeking new lyrics, new riffs and new rhythms.

With a punching opener there is always the fear that the next track will be slower, as the audience as given a breather, but not here. Enter Shakkakakka! This is a track that builds on the foundations of No Is The Answer and brings with it a much more mature, aggressive hard rock approach, with howling vocals and military style drum beats coming in short, precise bursts. Again, Pil & Blue have a repetitive catchy chorus that breaks up this instrumental heavy track and its heavy drum/guitar focus to ensure the audience stays engaged.

After a whirlwind opening of energy galore, the introduction of Fire sees the EP take a different direction, with much slower vocals and a progressive musical style. Fitting with the prog genre, the track is the longest on the five track, totaling over six minutes in length.

This theme continues with the final two tracks, as the punching energy, thrilling hooks and catchy choruses become fewer and farther between. This is not a negative on either of the tracks but more of a show of maturity from the band.

This five track EP delivers a highly memorable listen that will go down a treat on the live stage. Pil & Bue display a wide range of talents here, that would be perhaps more suited for a full length release, as the five track total will leave many crying out for more.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Deceivingly Powerful!