jv_7SLIMEBALL1_sleeve_2.qxdIf you can get past the screechy, screamy and, quite frankly scary, vocal style which is stamped right across this three track thriller then you’re in for one of the musical treats of the month.

Released this week and featuring a trio of terribly catchy grunge rock tunes, the Sicking & Creaming EP from London’s Japanese Voyeurs is a remarkably edgy and accomplished debut.

OK, so the female lead singer really needs to rein herself in from time to time but her overly enthusiastic approach is a style which does become vaguely endearing after a while. Honest. And if you want to see what all the fuss is about we’ve bagged the promo clip for the EP’s title track Dumb.  In the midst of a critically acclaimed 10-date UK tour with Johnny Foreigner, the Voyeurs are set to follow up their EP with a full length album in the New Year.

If this tetchy little taster is anything to go by – we love the grinding riff on X-Ray Ted –  expect a bit of a buzz around the crazy quintet come 2010. And you can say you saw/heard them here first.