converge1It’s been described as 2009’s most vicious album and on past form there’s every possibility that hardcore crew Converge will cripple eardrums everywhere when Monday’s Axe To Fall hits stores.

But if you can’t wait another five days for what should be one of the rock events of the year then the band is already streaming their new record in its entirety at

With a KKKK Kerrang! review and nine out of 10 from Rocksound is seems the major mags have recognised a potential hit from a band honing its sound for a healthy 19 years. And we’ll be delivering our own verdict right here very soon.

Converge might sound more metal than ever before but this is one band which stays true to its hardcore roots and we’re expecting even bigger and better things from the guys in 2010. Even a full UK headline tour perhaps?

Gloomy, doomy but essential listening all the same there are few better bands to share a dark winter night with.