Product of Hate – Buried In Violence (Napalm Records)

Genre: Metal

Wisonsin’s Product of Hate seem to have missed the NWOAHM surge by around ten years, and by the sounds of Buried In Violence, they’ll still be playing catch up in a decade’s time.

Their debut isn’t a bad record by any means; its taught, muscular attack can be pretty effective, especially on the excellent, thrash-fired Blood Coated Concrete and the punchy Revolution of Destruction.  Talented guitarists and siblings Geno and Cody Rathbone have clearly been honing their chops too, and complement each other superbly.

The overall impression , though, is of an act who prize aggression over songcraft and who aren’t going to go toe to toe with Lamb Of God or Devildriver any time soon. Buried In Violence is just too staid, too safe within its own confines, to make the kind of impact that will push the quintet into the big leagues. Sure, there is a market for this kind of style, however it’s already dominated by a slew of bands who write great hooks and know a catchy chorus when they hear one.

This material will probably slay when played live, the band clearly have passion for their art, but sadly there’s still a long way to go for Product of Hate.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 5.5/10 Product Recall