blackhole2He’s the pint sized vocal pocket rocket behind one of Britain’s best new bands and we’re delighted that Richard Carter has become the latest star to bare all on the rushonrock Rider!

Fresh faced but far from innocent, the self-styled screamer adds a raw edge to Blackhole‘s punk metal and his posse is destined to go far – as those who caught the boys on their recent UK headline tour will testify.

But beneath the aggressive surface lies a normal kid who likes normal things. Well, just about.

On your iPod: There’s a few bands I’m listening to right now including Rio, The Alchemy Index and Beggars. And I’m really into Alexisonfire now.

Small Screen Pleasure: I love 24. I’m working my way through the DVD box sets of that at the moment. I like US TV shows as a rule.

Making a meal of it: I love my mum’s roast dinners.

Drivetime: I have a pedal bike. I live in Hemel Hempstead and there’s no need for a car for what I want to do.

Ace place: New York’s the coolest place on the planet. The music scene’s so diverse.

Dream destination: I really want to go to California. I’d love to spend some time in Los Angeles.

Nickname shame: Rick Dips. I love those Choc Dips. I have them whenever I get the chance.